The Individual Steak Pie


With meticulous attention to detail and several years of tweaks from customer feed back ,we have enthusiastically developed our pie into what it is today. The aim to produce the best gastronomic experience that can be delivered by a pie. You only need to read the testimonials to understand how well they are received. They are wholesomely made and are “Pies without compromise” in any aspect of their creation... all little masterpieces purposely fashioned to delight every time! Packed full of the leanest matured steak expertly butchered by hand , complimented by our perfectly balanced and seasoned gravy. All encased in a thin crisp pastry which is not just a carrier but adds to the total experience. You have heard of “ Urban Street food” from all parts of the world. We offer you.... “Pastoral food ...of Yorkshire”.

The Blue Print of our Pie

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