Seasoned to perfection for your delectation.


Jelly-less because we've left no room for it ...

 Simply packed with only beautifully prepared fresh British shoulder and belly pork.


Encased in our thin crisp speciality pastry, which is never greasy on the base.


Jelly-less pork pie


We are not pig farmers and have over the past few years spent hours explaining to potential customers that our well-known steak pies are not pork pies!

For those with their hearts set on a pork pie we have  always steered them in the direction of other sellers who in our opinion have had the best available at that particular event.

Not any more .....purely due to repeated customer request “ can’t you make a pork pie in your pastry?”…. we have now developed our jelly-less pork pie.

Starting from base and using only the best British pork, we have experimented to get the seasoned minced pork filling just right. With jelly or without and with more meat in! Crucial tweaks to the content of lard in the pastry, cooking temperatures and speed of bake, they do make a difference !.... All with the help of our regular steak pie customers feed back at events .

With the same attention to detail as applied to all our products, we believe we have just revamped and modernised the pork pie, to make it the most delicious pork pie you’ve ever tasted!