Our gourmet pork pies


Pork and chorizo

For this master piece we procure finest chorizo sausage it is then skinned and finely diced to the size of a garden pea. This is then incorporated into the seasoned pork meat recipe. The pie case is then filled to capacity with the pork and chorizo and sealed with a hand crimped lid. When one slices through this delight the chorizo is distributed through the pie like little spangles of deliciousness.


Pork and apple

Fresh British pork seasoned to perfection and a chunky apple sauce in the top to finish, a wonderful classic combination.

If you can not resist! and are eating them hot just be careful the apple can still be piping.

“ patience" its a wonderful virtue.

Pork ploughmans

Into our freshly made pastry shell we firstly add a spoonful of a tangy ploughman pickle. Enough to cover the base. We then add a sprinkling of grated full flavour cheddar cheese. The pie is then filled with our lean minced pork and then lidded. We found the pickle is contained in the bottom of the pie, if placed on the top because of its sugar content it bubbles and burns as the pie is baked.


Pork and chilli

Our lean blend of minced Shoulder and Belly pork is seasoned then we mix in finely chopped fresh red chilli through the whole lot . The chilli quantity is very carefully balanced to ensure a good kick but without being silly hot. The heat recedes off the palate in seconds not minutes. You do need to brace yourself for the chilli!


Pork and stuffing

A traditional match of flavours. Under the lid just deep enough to be moist layer of Sage and onion stuffing with our lean pork hidden beneath. In the run up to Christmas this recipe is always very popular. I think of them as a lighter eat option the stuffing certainly does not lay heavy.

Pork and black pudding

Our beautifully seasoned British Pork meat blend of shoulder and belly. Ground to a medium mince  to show the quality of our meat. The pastry case is almost filled, except to allow A sliced “disc”

of premium Black pudding to be nestled on the top before the pie lid encapsulates it.

Pork and blue cheese

Blue cheeses are an acquired taste for some! This pie however is not over powered by the cheese just a nice tang. They are sometimes purchased by customers that initially tell us they don't like Stilton. Only after being persuaded to try a little do they succumb. They are filled with our default Pork meat recipe. Then currently a Long Clawson Stilton (can change) gently crumbled on top before the pastry lid is placed on. The Cheese melts while cooking and just adds an addition depth to the pies flavour.