Do you have a farm shop ?

No ...given the location of the farm,We decided it would be better to take our farm shop and place it in the Food halls / Marques of the best premier events in the UK. Where we expect a massive footfall of potential customers each day.


However if you would like to visit to the farm and collect you are welcome. All we ask is you give us a call or e-mail to arrange a time so we can have your product available. The farm is very much a working one and not a visitor centre.




How are the products sent?

They are packaged in a polystyrene box with a refrigerant enclosed. This is then place in an outer corrugated cardboard case for protection and additional thermal value for transit. The frozen products are fine for 36 hrs packaged in this way. On special request we can send unfrozen pies.




Who does the delivery ?

We dispatch via “ Parcel force” which is part of Royal mail. They collect direct from the farm.




What if we are not likely to be at home to receive the delivery.

You can provide additional instructions ie “please leave in the garage” or arrange delivered directly to your work place. They are fine for 36hrs once sent so leave them in the coolest place in the building and take them home with you.




Which is the best way to receive the pies baked or unbaked ?

This is really a matter of your preference and how you intend to use them. All our pies are frozen prior to dispatch. The baked ones are the most convenient and simplest to re-heat , the result is say 96% as good as the unbaked. Approx 80% of our regular customers purchase this way. So tried and tested 1000’s of times. The unbaked are offered due to customer requests and enables you to re-produce exactly what we do at events. However there is a little more effort involved in the cooking and they need to be glazed. If you intend to entertain with the pies this is probably the best way to impress! or like us you may be just very particular. The cooking times are the same for either type but at different temperatures. Full instructions are provided with each box and are also posted on this web site here. We do use both sorts of the pies ourselves at home.




Are you from Canada?

No.. we hail from some where far more exotic than that! Yorkshire ....There are in fact several properties within Yorkshire named Nova Scotia.(please see below)




Why are you called Nova Scotia Farm Produce?

Quite simply... since at least 1760 our farmstead has been known as Nova Scotia Farm, which incidentally has no Canadian connection other than by the name.


Apparently going back to 2nd July 1644 when the Battle of Marston Moor was fought.


The Parliamentarian Army commanded by Oliver Cromwell where allied by a smaller Scottish Covenanters force. It was here were the Royalists under Prince Rupert where defeated. The battlefield is only some 9 miles from our farm, along with Seacroft Moor (4 miles) again a Battlefield of the English Civil war. It is thought that some of the walking wounded Scots, settled in the area. Perhaps saving the risky trek back to The Highlands, or more likely the lure of a beautiful Yorkshire Lass!! kept them here. They named their new dwelling "Nova Scotia". Meaning New Scotland!  in Latin. This perhaps explains why there are other Nova Scotia's in the area too.


The name does always attract questions and interest at events. So hopefully that makes us more memorable as a brand.



Anymore questions? ... Contact us here