The pastry takes on a healthy golden hue. This is the natural cooked colour from the ingredients that we use. It is not derived from a chemically formulated glaze which adds artificial colour to an otherwise insipid looking pastry! 

Notice the fine thin and crisp pastry. This is purposely made as thin as absolutely possible and was very difficult to achieve. In fact if you observe our pies closely they are on the cusp of cracking in two on the pies shoulder.Yes we go to the limit!

The pastry is initially crisp to the bite with a light chewy texture to follow. Then it gives a sweet note to the palate. This pastry has been very carefully...almost engineered to deliver exactly this experience. We use a secret blend of three flours all with specific jobs to do!

The steak we use is the very finest and hand cubed and trimmed so we can be confident there is nothing in there we would not like to eat ourselves. When trimming our steak the butchers take considerably longer than any industry standard to ensure it is to our expectation. Not simply put through a mechanical cuber as mass produced products are.

Our pies have to be hand filled because the steak cubes are non uniform in size and shape. The butchers cut the cube to suit and make best use of the particular muscle being trimmed. Each hand full can be felt through a thin glove and metered to ensure each pie gets its fair share of steak. Not squirted or spooned in by a mechanical filler!

Notice the sheen - this is from our carefully sourced natural and organic corn based glaze. Just as you would aim for a shine from egg or milk, not only without obvious pathogens but allows us to tick the dairy free box too. It also enabling you to freeze the fresh pies at home with no worries of dairy products.

Consider this....the pastry is where a large percentage of a pie’s calories are. If the pastry was half the thickness would the pie be lower in calories too? Indeed where the pastry is not, it could also be said there is more filling. If the filling was pure unadulterated lean steak that would be a bonus too! 

The Finest Steak is slowly cooked in the actual gravy as you would do at home. Again secrets are held at this part of the creation. But the gravy is such to balance perfectly with the steak not over powering its flavour but enhancing it. The consistency has been honed so it can be eaten hot in the hand without it running down your arm. But equally providing succulence and depth of flavour to the overall experience. The gravy also delivers a slight kick at the finish from our carefully adjusted seasoning.

These are in every sense of the word a steak pie. Unlike the pies you sometimes get, which we would describe as a gravy parcel. With a token piece of meat to keep trading standards happy and the maker’s profits maximized!

The Blue Print of
our Steak Pie

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